Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Cooking Up Some Bead Soup!

It's a bit like stone soup, really.  Here is the premise:

The amazing Lori Anderson took sign-ups for exactly 24 hours and then paired folks together.  The rules are simple:
  1. You have to have a blog because this will all be a blog hop eventually.
  2. You must send a focal piece, an interesting clasp, and coordinating beads.
  3. You must send to your partner by a certain date. (March 14)
  4. You must create and blog about your creations on May 3rd for the blog hop.
Easy peasy(ish).  I struggled to create a soup, as I always struggle when it comes to things like this (Secret Santa, etc.).  I so desperately want the recipient to like what they get that I typically overcompensate by giving way more than expected.  This time, however, I wanted to follow the rules and still send a good soup to my partner.

I chose to send a focal that I made -- a cute birdie pendant that I was hoarding for myself but hadn't gotten to yet (typical).  I pulled colors from the pendant to coordinate in a couple colors.  I sent sent some pink and pink/white beads.  I also sent some blues (dark and teal), along with 2 silver clasps, some silver beads, some pretty pearls, crystal rondelles, and some lovely vintage chandelier crystals.  I was designing several different necklaces in my head as I put the combos together.  I also sent some chain and some lace.

My partner, Marybeth Rich, lives in Florida.  We exchanged a couple emails to get to know each other a bit before sending off our soups.  I worried the entire time my soup was in transit to Marybeth -- will she like it?  Will she be able to work with the pieces I sent?  How will my selections translate into her style?  Turns out she did like it! :)  I cannot wait to see what she makes, especially seeing as I was designing in my head.  It will be fun to see if she comes up with something similar, or if she makes something completely different that I wouldn't have thought of!  We are allowed to use the soup to make as many pieces as we want, and we are not limited at all as to what kinds of pieces we can make.

When I got home from my trip to Denver I was so excited to tear in to my box from Marybeth!

There is a lot of really unique and challenging pieces in this soup!  We have some rose quartz in there, along with some turquoise beads, fluorite chips, light amethyst crystals, opal facetted rondelles, aqua lampwork beads, lepidolite beads (lower left), and even some handmade pink paper beads!  Here is a close up of the TWO focals Marybeth sent to me:

The copper lampwork piece on the left is quite large -- bigger than what I am used to using, so it will definitely be a challenge to work with.  Looking forward to the challenge!  The blue piece on the right is ceramic.  I think I have a surprise for that one... ;)

Come back on May 3rd to see what I came up with!


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  2. Melissa, I like the soup you put together and the soup you got. I'm looking forward to seeing what you create. I'm a new follower. :)