Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year!

Well, here we are -- finally done with 2013.  It was a year of many ups and downs for us.  But I have hopes and plans to make 2014 much better!  To begin, one of my plans is to write every day, either here or in my journal.  I want to make this blog a resource people use, instead of just taking up space.

I've been a busy little worker bee, trying to make our rented house as much as a home as possible, so there is a lot of that coming.  I've also started working with Annie Sloan's Chalk Paint, on furniture and home decor, and am excited to share what I have done with it.  It is remarkably easy and forgiving, so if you have been wanting to paint a piece of furniture, I highly recommend it!  I am also evolving in my jewelry line, looking to expand my use of my soldering iron and torch, as well as working more with resin.

I am seeking out shows, locally and in other places, to get my work out to more people.  This is probably the hardest part of being a "professional crafter."  You have to have an awful lot of confidence to be able to put your work out there for others to judge, so this is and always has been my greatest stumbling block.

Lots coming... :)

Someone posted on Facebook that January 1, 2014 is the first page of a new book.  Here we go...

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