Monday, September 23, 2013

The Perfect Post

I think I suffer from something a lot of bloggers deal with... I worry about posting something perfect and worthy of you taking the time to read, which keeps me from posting at all.  Rather counterproductive.  So here I am, just going to post what I want to post, and hope that someone, somewhere enjoys it enough to read and come back.

So here is a bit of what I see on the horizon...
  • Moving tips (we just moved cross-country and learned a LOT)
  • Home d├ęcor ideas
  • Holiday/seasonal decorating ideas
  • Crafty tutorials
  • Product spotlights (mine and others)
  • Shopping posts
  • Haul videos
  • Random thoughts about life, house, love, family, etc.
  • Online classes
Rather than trying to build a blog that I think other people will like, I am going to build a blog that *I* like.  So welcome to it. :)