Monday, April 15, 2013


I was just chatting on Facebook with an old friend and was reminded of what "creative" and "artistic" meant to me once upon a time.  When I was younger, being an "artist" meant being able to paint and draw flawlessly.... having people coo over your work on canvas and discuss the inner meaning of what you created.  I was really envious of people that I knew who were artists in this way, as I still am unable to draw much more than a stick figure.  I never understood shading, or perspective... and it was fear of not knowing and understanding all of this jargon that kept me from really trying anything creative for a long time.

Then, somewhere a long the way, I decided to be a "crafter."  Now, in my head, this is not remotely the same as being an artist.  I started with decoupage, after all, and that's just slapping glue and paper on to something else in order to embellish it.

Isn't it?

Along my crafting journey I have tried my hand at beaded jewelry, scrapbooking, card making, sewing, and more recently mixed media collage, leather working, and metal working.  Still no drawing and no painting (other than furniture).  I've taken bunches of classes, attended retreats and camps, and watched hundreds of hours of YouTube videos on everything from bow-tying to soldering.

But because of my original definition of the word "artist," I still don't qualify.

So I am changing my definition. 

Artists create beauty.  Beauty can be in the written word, the voice of a singer, the beat of a drum, the stroke of a brush, and even in the paper and glue that is used to decoupage a found object to give it new life.

I am an artist.

And so are you.


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  1. ahhh that is cool! I still struggle with someone calling me an artist, and believing it myself.